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Ode to Cocolo, A Sweet Farewell

Oh, Cocolo! A name that whispers of delight,

A brand of chocolate that once brought us joy so bright.

In the realm of confectionery, you reigned supreme,

A taste so divine, like a cocoa-laden dream.

In days of yore, you graced our store shelves with pride,

Wrapped in foil, your packaging a sight we couldn't hide.

We eagerly unwrapped each bar, filled with anticipation,

Indulging in the velvety richness of your creation.

Oh, Cocolo! Your presence was truly divine,

With every bite, a symphony of flavors would align.

Dark, milk, or white, you catered to every sweet tooth,

Your luscious essence a testament to chocolate's truth.

Memories of you flood our minds like a sweet refrain,

Those carefree days when we devoured you without restrain.

The laughter, the shared moments, the sheer delight,

As we savored each morsel, our taste buds taking flight.

But alas, dear Cocolo, you vanished from our sight,

Like a shooting star that disappeared in the night.

No longer can we find your cherished bars so rare,

Leaving us with a void, an empty cupboard to bear.

Yet, in our hearts, your memory forever shall reside,

A cherished piece of our past, a bittersweet stride.

We hold on to those moments, like treasures in our soul,

For even though you're gone, your spirit makes us whole.

Oh, Cocolo! We bid you farewell with a heavy heart,

Your departure leaves us longing, torn apart.

But let us raise a toast to the joy you once bestowed,

To the love we shared for your chocolatey ode.

Though the shelves are empty, and time marches on,

We'll forever remember the magic you had drawn.

Oh, Cocolo! Your legacy will forever endure,

In the halls of chocolate lovers, ever pure.

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