What is Chocolate?

From the tree to you


Average Height: 20ft
Optimum Longevity: 30-40 years
Average Annual Yield: 20-30 fruits
Leaf: all year round, blossom, unripe fruit and mature fruit can be seen on the tree simultaneously.
Major Harvests: May, October, November


Heavy, grow on trunk
Shape: length 6-10 inches
Colour: Changes from green to yellow to reddish brown
Shell: Hard and course
Flesh: Sweet white fruit pulp
Seeds: (This is the important bit!) 20 and 40 precious, almond-shaped cocoa beans.

Cocoa Beans/Seed Kernals: (Making the flavours)

The seeds and white fruit pulp are removed from the shell and placed under banana leaves where the sugars in the pulp cause a fermentation to take place. Temperatures reach up to 50 ° C and it is left for 2-6 days of until the white pulp has all but disappeared. At the end of this, the astringent bitter taste has gone and new substances have formed that lead to the flavour that we love!

The seeds are still full of moisture (about 60%) at this stage so are laid out in the sun to dry.

The beans are now thoroughly cleaned and roasted for 15-20 mins at 130 ° C. This develops the flavour and makes the husk crack and flake making it easy to remove.

Crack and crush

Cracking and crushing is done whilst under a suction that quickly removes the flaky husk, leaving what is known as the cocoa nibs

Cocoa nib
Cocoa nibs from different regions and varieties are blended according to Cocolo’s recipe to give the finest Swiss chocolate to be found.

Now we are really making chocolate!

The crushed beans are now ground using friction from rollers. The heat created by the friction causes the cocoa butter in the beans to melt and instead of the powder that you would expect a paste is created. This paste is known as Cocoa liquor, chocolate liquor or cocoa paste. The real base of chocolate.

The cocoa liquor can now be subjected to intense pressure. This causes the cocoa butter to separate and be collected leaving behind cocoa cakes that still contain 10-20% cocoa butter. These cakes are crushed and finely ground giving us cocoa powder.

Making the chocolate
We now combine, only the finest organic ingredients, which are placed into a conch to churn and churn to make the velvety smoothness of Cocolo chocolate!