Cocoa Liquor
A paste formed by grinding the cocoa nibs. By grinding the nibs with rollers a friction is created that generates heat, this heat encourages the cocoa butter in the nibs to surface, changing the texture (from what would be a powder) into a paste.

Cocoa Butter
Necessary for give the smooth flavour to chocolate as well as the glossy velvety appearance. Cocoa butter is added to cocoa liquor with the other ingredients to form the chocolate.

Unrefined Evaporated Cane Juice

A powder that is created by taking the sweet clear juice from the Sugar Cane and simply evaporating the water out of it. This is usually the starting point for refined sugar, but instead of taking out all the flavour, colour and nutrients, we have left them all in there. If you like the delicious flavours of brown sugar, you will absolutely love this. It is not as sweet as sugar, but has much more flavour and is much better for you.

Unrefined Evaporated Cane Juice is also much better for your teeth than refined sugar, which includes raw sugar, white sugar, Demerara, brown sugar, dark brown sugar and even honey.

“A typical 150gram sample of these cane juice granules contains 1.1grams of protein, 1,600 I.U. vitamin A, 50mg vitamin C, 20mg each of vitamin B1, B2 and B3, 165mg calcium, 50mg phosphorus, and 40mcg chromium. None of these nutrients occur in white sugar.” Paul Pitchford – Healing with Wholefoods pg 154 1993

Other Ingredients are:

Milk Powder, Hazelnuts, Vanilla, Raw Sugar